Updates/Bug Fixs

+Premium Account is available for our server. Alt&b / Donation shop.
+Add Neolithics Crystals in Event/ Festival Adena Shop.
+Add Olfs T-shirt & Olfs T-shirt bless Enchant in Event/ Festival Adena Shop.
+Add Talisman in Event Shop & few in Festival Adena Shop.

+Increase The reward from TvT. 1 Small coin of luck +3 G. Meda to the winners.
+Increase the rewards in .getreward when you vote.
+.time command is available.You can check server time.
+From alt&b/Servises/Equipment Enachant you can enchat your S grade Armor/Weapon & Jewels up to +6 with Glittering medal and up to +10 with coin of luck.
(price list: weapon +0 >+5 each enchat cost 15 G.medal / +5 >+6 cost 20 G.medal / +6 >+7 cost 4 col /+7>+8 cost 5col / +8>+9 cost 8col / +9>+10 cost 9cols)
(Armor & Jewels :+0 >+4 each enchat cost 7 G.medal / +4 >+5cost 10G.medal / +5>+6cost 15 G.medal /+6>+7cost 1col/+7>+8 cost 1col / +8>+9 cost 2col / +9>+10 cost 3cols)

+ .epic command is available.You can check the epic boss respawn

+ .party command is available.
+ Add extra buffs in Event Tvt & GtF.
+ For Valakas & Antharas you need only one time to make the quest to enter.
+ Add new christmas event.
+ Decrease the price in Festival adena shop.

+Some skill have been amended
+Quest mobs in mos Fixed
+You need to download Our new system-e patch from here -- > New Pacth (Replace the files in your System-e.)

or from here -> New Pacth (Replace the files in your System-e.)

+Added new event 'CtF'.
+Added new items in Event Shop Eas & Ews.

+You can buy L2Eclypse Premium buff from npc & 'Fame' from Event shop/others with Glittering Medals from TvT.
+Add new category in Event Shop "Life Stones".
+Decrease the weight limit in a few items.
+Modified Olympiad Heros & Siege to every week.
+Server will make autorestart every day at 05:00am (no the .offline players).

+Increase the spoil drop change Rate in Mos area for vesper.
+Increase the rewards for TvT to 3 G.Medal.
+Auto learn forgotten skills.
+Add Noble stones in Festival Adena shop

+Add dance of shadow for free in buff store zone in giran (time 2 hours).
+Increase large bone drop.
+Fixed the alt&b in battle no teleport.
+Add new items in Event Shop.
+Add new items in Festival Adena shop

L2Eclypse H5

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