Donation Terms

By donating you fully understand that you are supporting the L2Eclypse®\PROMMORPG private gaming community.
The donations are used for maintenance and monthly fees that the server(s) require.
No portion of this donation will ever be used for any kind of personal gain..

-Donations do not pay back.

-If you do not agree with this statement in its entirety, please do not donate.

-List of rewards for donations you can find at NPC "Donation Shop" in game or By Sending Us in Our FaceBook page prive msg.

How to donate

-You can donate with Paypal through your Master account. Normally Coins of Luck delivery Time within 1-5 minutes (Automatically). -> Master Account Login

-MONEYSAFE Card from the minimarkets are available also and for the GREEK players.
Send us in Our FaceBook page prive msg. Write first on the top Donation after the number of the card the amounth and your character name. Please wait patiently up to 24 hours to receive requested Coins of Luck (normally delivery within 5-30 minutes).


With donation more than 50 coin of luck please email us with your payment details and we'll give you back Bonus 15%" !!
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