1.Create Master Account !! Master Account Register

2.To Activate you Account you HAVE to login in the Master Account panel. When you login in to The Master Account then the options are displayed.
From there Create Game Account. You can create 4 game acount with one email address, change password etc. Master Account Login

Watch the Video how to create account


1. To START the Game Downloand Our Hi5 client. (Recommended. UnRar the client in your desktop)
Download the Hi5 Client-L2Eclypse(c) from Fex.Net

Extra link to Download the Hi5 Client-L2Eclypse(c) from MEGA

2. After or if you have Hi5 Client , Download our System. (UnRar the System in the client-folder and from there find and run the L2 .exe .

Download the System-e_l2eclypse(c) from

EXTRA Download Link for the System-e_l2eclypse(c) from Mega.

3. If you have our system-e , Download our Update. (Replace the files in your System-e.) // If you are new player just download our system-e.
Update System-e patch From

Extra Link for Update System-e patch from MEGA

Watch the video how UnRaR the Client / System-e

If You want more information or you have problem to login. Check our FORUM also or send in our Fb page.
Step By Step How to connect to l2eclypse server !

If You have problem with your antivirus. Check in our FORUM also or send in our Fb page prive msg.
How to unblock files from intivirus

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