dual box


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Hello botting is not allowed in the server . Also S guard protection system will protect you from botters. So if you spend many hours ingame and you can doing with 9 boxes the instances, do it . I dont think is bad idea. Also i think in the most servers you pay extra donation coins and you have the extras boxes. Ofcourse we are open to listen all the suggestions.


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Such a bad idea for unlimited boxes... If your plan is unlimited boxes=more .online then you are wrong! Server wont grow with boxes...


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Never understood boxing. It a decent rate server with PvP. Its not a x1 x2 x3 x4 server... you can get to max level in like a day or 2


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Depends how you like to play. I personally don't have unlimited free time to play, so I don't want to lose time gathering ppl to do Zaken or Freya. Also prefer to have my on buffers on all the time. Of course i won't mine to do instances with friends/clan mates but they won't be always available. To have unlimited boxes doesn't mean you have to use them all the time, but its better to know you can use them, when you need them.


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Agreed, at some points I will dual box healers or buffers just to go solo play. Just never got the whole 8-9 box an entire group, like make friends and join clans and create game connections so you can talk with people and have fun.. :D I'm still so excited to play OMG <3